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Keli Classical Dance Festival 2018

(Showcasing 3 Classical Dance Traditions)

9, 10, 11 Feb 2018

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Dear Art Lovers,

Keli is now entering the 26th year of its tireless journey in pursuit of excellence in the rich and diverse forms of India’s artistic traditions. The forthcoming 3 day long Keli festival scheduled on 9,10,11, Feb 2018 will focus on India’s classical dance traditions, Bharatnatyam, Kuchupudi and Mohiniyaattam.

Bharatanatyam,is presumably the oldest classical dance heritage of India. Conventionally it is a solo dance performed only by women. It initiated in Tamil Nadu and eventually flourished in South India. It is a dance form of illustrative anecdote of Indian mythology themes and spiritual ideas emoted by dancer with excellent footwork and impressive gestures. Its performance repertoire includes nrita, nritya and natya. It also continues to inspire several art forms including paintings and sculptures starting from the spectacular 6th to 9th century temple sculptures.

Kuchupudi, is a dance tradition that originated in the village of Kuchupudi of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh. This ancient dance form finds place in the 10th century copper inscriptions and in 15th century texts like ‘Machupalli Kaifat’. Traditionally it is regarded that the sanyassin of Advaita Vedanta sect, Tirtha Narayana Yati, and his disciple Siddhendra Yogi initiated, methodized and arranged the present day version of the dance form in 17th century.

Mohiniyattam is ancient Indian classical dance form that evolved in the state of Kerala. Mohiniattam adheres to the Lasya type that showcases a more graceful, gentle and feminine form of dancing. Conventionally it is a solo dance performed by female artists.

KELI is a Mumbai based registered Charitable organization striving to preserve, develop and propagate the classical cultural heritage of India, many of which are now on the verge of extinction. Keli has been active in this field from the last 25 years and during this period, has successfully handled a number of important projects in furtherance of its objectives. The annual Keli festivals, structured thematically every year, are well known to artists and art lovers of the City and have earned the organization a significant place in the cultural life of Mumbai. Keli is the proud presenter of more than 24 festivals focussed on the various arts traditions of India.

In this festival Keli’s attempt is to propagate the strength of the unique ancient dance traditions and its historic relevance to a wider audience in the country. We have great pleasure in inviting all art lovers to participate in this unique Classical Dance Festival.

K. Subhaschandran
Artistic Director & Project Co- ordinator

Ramachandran. K
Festival Director
Cell: +919820835737

KELI. 201, Baba Niwas, Plot No. 74,
Sector 19, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706
www: keliindia.org

Day 1

Friday, 9th February 2018,
at Y.B. Chavan Centre, Opp. Mantralaya, Mumbai at 6.45 pm

Dedication: This festival will be dedicated to the memory of Guru S.K. Rajarathnam Pilla, Guru Kalanidhi Narayanan, Vedantha Sathyanarayana Sharma, Guru Thottekkat Chinnammu Amma.

Inagural Program

Guest of Honour: Kumar Shahani, Padmabhushan Ustad Zakir Hussain, Sadanand Menon, Anand Neelakandan, Surendrababu. B.Venugopal (Managing Director, LIC) , Balachandran Menon (Senior Vice President, JK Cement) , L. Ajithkumar (R.M, CRM, LIC), N. Mahesh (Chief Manager, LICHFL), Ajith Menon (M.D. Opal Asia), Monika Kalia (GM-CC, Union Bank of India)

Welcome Speech: Subhash Chandran

Felicitating Artists:
Golden Conch: Padmashri Malavika Sarukai
Lasyasree:Dr. Jayaprabha Menon
Silver Conch: Sreelakshmi Govardhan


by Padmashri Malavika Sarukai and group

Malavika Sarukkai started dance studies at the age of 7 training under Guru Kalayanasundaram of the Thanjavur school and Guru Rajaratnam of the Vazhuvoor school. She has also studied abhinaya under Guru Kalanidhi Narayanan and Odissi under Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra and Guru Ramani Ranjan Jena.Intense, extraordinary and luminous are the qualities that distinguish Malavika Sarukkai‘s dancing. With her artistic mastery and technique she commands a presence on the world stage. She is acclaimed globally for her creative dance choreographies, which transport the viewer to the heart beat of dance, taking dance beyond specific geographies. As a passionate path breaking dancer from India, she has contributed a significant and large body of work. Her collaborative productions have synergized through dialogues with artists from different media – poets, musicians, painters, sculptors and contemporary writers. These interactions bring to her choreographic interpretations the incandescent beauty of the classical language and the energized articulation of a contemporary mind.

Accompanying Artists: Mrs. Srilatha S (Nattuvangam), Mrs. Srilakshmi Venkataramani (Violin), Mr. Murali Parthasarathy (Vocal), Mr. Nellai A Balaji (Mridangam), Sharad Kulshreshtha (Light Designer)

Day 2


By Sreelakshmi Govardhanan and Group
In Association with DAE Cultural Center
Saturday, 10th February, 2018,
at DAE Convention Center, Anushakthi Nagar, at 7.30 pm

Sreelakshmy Govardhanan is an eminent Kuchipudi artiste from India. She is the disciple of Guru Sri Pasumarthy Rattaiaha Sarma. She is widely known for her grace, exquisite footwork and acting technique, which comes alive during her dance performances. Other than performing at various prestigious Indian dance festivals, she has performed on various international platforms in Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, U.K,Colombia, USA, Jordan and Gulf countries that has earned her rave reviews. She performed as the lead of the Kuchipudi team at the ‘Make In India’ program at Hannoer Messe, 2015 in Germany. She was also invited to choreograph a confluence of Indian dance for the inaugural event of ‘Marhaba NaMo in Dubai’ where Prime Minister of India visited UAE after 34 years. She has choreographed dance moves for the Award winning Malayalam feature films. Sreelakshmy is the founder and artistic director of the Avantika Space for Dance, a centre for learning, performance and research.

Accompanying Artists: Natungam: Sureshkumar Neelamperur, Reju Nararayan (Vocal), Arunkumar (Mrudangam) , Hema Balasubrahmanyam(Flute)

Day 3


M By Jayaprabha Menon and Group
In association with Mudra Academi of Dance and Music
Sunday, 11th Feb 2018,
at Terna auditorium, Nerul west, at 7.00 pm

Jayaprabha Menon initiated her training in dance from Guru Kalamandalam Saraswathy and then continued with Guru C V Chandrasekhar and Guru Bharathy Shivaji.Jayaprabha’s graceful nritta is phenomenal as one can discern the union of the dance and the dancer into a single entity. Her metamorphosis into the vivid characters on the stage speaks for her histrionic adroitness. Myriad are the choreographies that embrace both puranic and contemporary motifs and further they are quintessential of her insatiable urge to establish the intrinsic identity of the dance form peculiar to Kerala. Also they are the end-results of her perennial search for the roots of the dance form. In this endeavour, she has beenM fortunate to enjoy the guidance of Padmabhushan Kavalam Narayana Panicker, an acclaimed authority of Sopana Sangeetham. Association with stalwarts like Birju Maharaj, Sonal Mansigh and Raja-Radha Reddy in eclectic productions has expanded her vista of the essence of Indian classical dances.

Accompanying Artists: Kottakkal Jayan (Vocal) R. Kesavan (Mrudangam), G. Soundrarajan (Veena), G. Raghuraman (Flute),Nandakumar Marar (Idakka)

Our Sincere Thanks to:

Y.B. Chavan Centre, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi, Western Zone, DAE Cultural Centre, Nalanda Nrutha Maha Vidyalaya, Padmabhushan Dr. Kanak Rele, Jayasree Nair, Sujatha Nair, Latha Surendran, Vaibhav Arekar, B. Venugopal, Pankaj Gopal, Ajithkumar L, Balachandran Menon, N. Mahesh,Ajit Menon, V. Sasikumar, Indu Sagar, Surendrababu, Priya Varghese, Sasi Nair, Ashok Nair, Prakash Patikkal, Vishnu Nambothirippad, Kaippilly, Vijayakumar Nair,Sanjna Kapoor, Sameera Iyengar, Kajal Gadhia, Sreekumar Kaimal, Vijay Desai, Santhosh Nair, Vikram, Hariharan T.N., Jayaprakash PD, Nisha Gilbert, N. Sreejith, Jerry Sebastian, Sibi Sathtyan, Dr. C.S. Venkiteshwaran, M.R. Rajan,Dr. Jyothishbabau, Daniel Babu, Mathrubhumi, Mathrubhumi News, Malayalamanorama, Manorama News, Asianet, Janam TV

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