Keli Festival 2016-17


Saga of a Village: An Arts Story

Phase 4

Keli Classical rhythm Festival 2017

(Showcasing 4 percussion Ensembles)
19,20,21, 22 January 2017

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Dear Art Lovers,

KELI is a Mumbai based registered charitable organization striving to preserve, develop and propagate the classical cultural heritage of India.

The year 2017-18 makes the successful completion of twenty five years of Keli’s relentless pursuit of excellence in the traditional art forms of India in general and Kerala in particular. It has been a joyous and exciting journey for Keli and its major milestones are known to you all, the lovers of art, our patrons, audiences and participants who have borne witness to each one of our endeavours during the past years.

The Keli Festival signifying the 25th anniversary is titled as the ‘’ Saga of Peruvanam’’. It is an in-depth exploration of the essence of artistic traditions and their cultural significance of a village called Peruvanam. The series of festivals telling the Story of a village by arts, is now entering into the concluding phase titled as Keli Classical Rhythm Festival 2017.

Peruvanam is a small cultural village in Trichur district, Kerala. This village has a significant place in the cultural map of Kerala for its anthropological relevance of an art history unique to the world. It is the land of an exclusive aural rhythm art tradition called Melam which has a history of 1434 years and possesses the World’s most ancient, 1800 year old Sanskrit theatre tradition. The village also has its proud presence in the contemporary film and theatre scenario and it continues through new writers and literary movements. Within these two extremes of the ancient and the new, the village embeds a variety of folk and traditional art forms. Keli’s artistic mission includes the research, documentation and outreach of this unique cultural heritage of Peruvanam.

The festival featuring diverse art forms of Peruvanam , spreading over a period of three months commenced from November 2016 is concluding now with the phase 4 from 19 Jan to 22 Jan 2017.

We have great pleasure in inviting all art lovers to participate in this unique Classical Rhythm Festival.

K. Subhaschandran
Artistic Director & Project Co- ordinator

Ramachandran. K
Festival Director
Cell: +919820835737

KELI. 201, Baba Niwas, Plot No. 74,
Sector 19, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706

Thursday, 19th January 2017,
at Y.B.Chavan Centre,opp.Mantralaya, Mumbai by 6.45 pm

Dedication: This festival will be dedicated to the memory of Kuruppath Nanu Marar, Makkoth Sankarankutty Marar, Pariyarath Kunjan Marar , Chathakudam Krishnan Nambiar.

Day 1

Inagural Program

Guest of Honour: Ustad Behauddin Dagar, Pt. Pushpraj Koshti, Dishad Khan,Anand Neelakandan, B.Venugopal, L. Ajithkumar, Mahesh, Ajith Menon, Balachandran Menon, Radhakrishnan, Surendrababu

Felicitating Guests of Honour:

Silver Conch: Peruvanam Sankara Narayanan (Melam), Triprayar Ramesan (Thimila), Peruvanam Murali (Thalam), Paipoth Unni (Kombu).
Golden Conch: Kelath Aravindakshan Marar (Melam)
Pancha Thrimsa: Padmashree Peruvanam Kuttan Marar (35 years of leading Melam)

Thayambaka (On Mizhavu)

by VKK Hariharan , Kalamandalam Rajeev and grou)

Thayambaka is an intricate and aesthetically formulated rhythm work. It is chiefly an individualistic performance. It starts with a very slow rhythm exploring the musical possibilities of rhythm and takes the performance to a very fast tempo through a gradual play of different Thalas. Mizhavu is known to be the accompanying instrument for the ancient Sanskrit Theatre tradition Koodiyattam with the history of over 18 centuries.

Day 2

Thursday, 20th January 2017,
at Horniman Circle Garden, Fort, Mumbai by 7.30 pm


By Peruvanam Krishnakumar and Group

Panchavadyam is an ensemble of five different types of instruments, the leading instrument in Panchavadyam is the Thimila.The other instruments are Maddalam, Edakka, Kombu and elathalam. The conch is blown at the beginning of the performance. Panchavadyam is an integral part of the temple festivals in Kerala.

Day 3

Saturday, 21st January 2017,
at Horniman Circle Garden, Fort, Mumbai by 7.30 pm

Panchari Melam

By Padmashree Peruvanam Kuttan Marar and Group

The art of Melam ensemble of rhythm instruments is the manifestations of artistic emanations of a group of percussion performers. In this art practice, over 100 artistes come together at the time of the performance and perform for 3 to 3 and half hours without a conductor or even a single rehearsal. Panchari Melam is a powerful rhythmic exploration based on 12 basic beats.

Day 4

Sunday, 22nd January 2017,
at Horniman Circle Garden, Fort, Mumbai by 7.30 pm

Pandi Melam

By Padmashree Peruvanam Kuttan Marar and Group

Pandi Melam is a more powerful and huge orchestra of about 100 artistes lead by chenda. This is a rhythm of 14 basic beats.It is presented in three stages of slow, medium and fast timing. The pyramidal sharpening of these beats constitute the strength and beauty of the symphony.

The historic pathway of Peruvanam

Peruvanam Pooram is a 1435 year old art festival. It is happening in this pathway on a particular day in March/ April every year according to the Malayalam Calendar. Over thousand drummers perform in this single night in 6 ensembles each of 3 and half hours duration incessantly. In that evening there are two performances consisting of 200 percussionists happening simultaneously at both ends of this pathway . But the noise of each performance won’t intersect or disturb the performances each other. It is an acoustic marvel of the space.

Our Sincere Thanks to:

Y.B. Chavan Centre,Prithvi Theatre,Sree Narayan Mandira samithy Nerul,B. Venugopal,Rajeshkumar Dubey,Ajithkumar L, Mahesh,V.G. Nair Ajith Menon,Arjun Lahiri, Suresh Warrier, Manoj kumar, V. Sasikumar,Indu Sagar,Surendrababu,Vishnu Nambothirippad Kaippilly, Vijayakumar Nair, Sanjna Kapoor,Sameera Iyengar, Kajal, Gadhia, Sreekumar Kaimal, Vijay Desai, Santhosh Nair, Vikram, Bindu Menon

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