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Keli Festival 2016-17


Saga of a Village: An Arts Story

Phase 3

Keli Classical women’s Theatre Festival 2016

(Rare female characters from Ramayana ))
24, 25, 26 Nov 2016

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Dear Art Lovers,

KELI is a Mumbai based registered charitable organization striving to preserve, develop and propagate the classical cultural heritage of India.

The year 2017 makes the successful completion of twenty five years of Keli’s relentless pursuit of excellence in the traditional art forms of India in general and Kerala in particular. It has been a joyous and exciting journey for Keli and its major milestones are known to you all, the lovers of art, our patrons, audiences and participants who have borne witness to each one of our endeavours during the past years.

The Keli Festival signifying the 25th anniversary is titled as the ‘’ Saga of Peruvanam’’. It is a series of festivals telling the Story of a village by arts. Art is always an expression of culture. Ethos of a locale, a community or that of people is conveyed through different media of Arts. Keli’s mission is an in-depth exploration of the essence of artistic traditions and their cultural significance of a village called Peruvanam.

Peruvanam is a small cultural village in Trichur district, Kerala. This village has a significant place in the cultural map of Kerala for its anthropological relevance of an art history unique to the world. It is the land of an exclusive aural rhythm art tradition called Melam which has a history of 1434 years and possesses the World’s most ancient, 1800 year old Sanskrit theatre tradition. The village also has its proud presence in the contemporary film and theatre scenario and it continues through new writers and literary movements. Within these two extremes of the ancient and the new, the village embeds a variety of folk and traditional art forms. Keli’s artistic mission includes the research, documentation and outreach of this unique cultural heritage of Peruvanam.

In observance of its 25th anniversary, Keli has devised an appropriate innovative programme, featuring diverse art forms of Peruvanam , spread over a period of three months commencing from November 2016 and concluding by January 2017.

We have great pleasure in inviting all art lovers to participate in this unique Classical music Festival.

K. Subhaschandran
Artistic Director & Project Co- ordinator

Ramachandran. K
Festival Director
Cell: +919820835737

KELI. 201, Baba Niwas, Plot No. 74,
Sector 19, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706
www: keliindia.org

Day 1

Inagural Program

Thursday, 24th November 2016,
at Y.B. Chavan Centre, Mumbai at 6.45 pm

Dedication: This festival will be dedicated to the memory of Kochambilly Raman Nambiar, Kidangur Ramachaakyar/Kuttappa chakyar, Chathakudam Krishnan Nambiar.

Guest of Honour: Padma Shri Peruvanam Kuttan Marrar, Padma Shri Mattannur Sankarankutty Marar,Kalamandalam Unnikrishnan, V.K.K.Hariharan, Usha Nangiar, Shri Anand Neelakandan,Shri Surendrababu and Shri Ashok Nair

Welcome Speech: Subhash Chandran

Felicitating Guests of Honour:

Mission Statement:


by Padmashree Mattannur Sankarankutty Marar, Sreekanth, Sreeraj and group

Mattannur Sankarankutty Marar is a distinguished exponent of Thayambaka. His style is known for its musicality, tonal purity and high degree of aesthetics. Mattannur Sreekanth and Sreeraj are extremely talented Thayambaka performers. Mattannur Sankarankutty Marar will announce the silver jubilee celebration with a Thayambaka lead by him.

Day 2

Thursday, 25th November 2016,
at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu, Mumbai at 7.00 pm

Nangiar Koothu

by Usha Nagiar and Group


Thretha yuga (The Ramayana Era) was a period of social churning when the concepts and forms of right and wrong, customs and practices, were being identified and established. Here Ahalya represents a woman who is a victim of her own virtues and social values. Her transformation into a stone and the soliloquy from within the stone is an interpretation of womanhood through ages and her liberation is a sarcastic smile towards the whole manhood.

Day 3

Saturday, 26th Nov 2016,
at Multipurpose Hall, BARC Training School Hostel, Anushakti Nagar
(In Association with DAE Cultural Centre & TTFAC, Anusakhti Nagar)

Nangiar Koothu

by Usha Nagiar and Group


Mandodari was the queen of Ravana, the antihero of Ramayana who was powerful enough even to control the movements of the nine planets. Mandodari was never an integral part of Ravana’s strength or his egoism. But every time Ravana’s mind wavered or was confused or puzzled, she was by his side as an unending source of strength and courage. Usha Nangiar as Mandodari depicts the episode where Ravana is an impulsive act of protest against Lord Siva who did not appear before him in spite of his intense penance, severs his own several heads one by one and consigns them into the fire as a sacrificial offering to the Lord

Day 4

Saturday, 27th Nov 2016,
Terna Auditorium, Nerul, Navi Mumbai
(In Association with Mudra Academy of Dance and Music, Kamote, Navi Mumbai)

Nangiar Koothu

by Usha Nagiar and Group


Lalitha is the disguised form of Surpanakha, the sister of Ravana. She was infatuated with handsome Sreerama and requests him for love. Rama says that he is married and sent her to Lakshmana. Lakshmana sends her back to Rama. This gets repeated several times and finally Surpanakha reacts in extreme anger and roars at Sita. Lakshmana cuts her nose and breast and turns her ugly. This act of Lakshmana insulting the woman hood is the beginning point to provoke Ravana, which ultimately leads into the war.

Usha Nangiar

Usha Nangiar is a leading Koodiyattam artiste. She is the disciple of celebrated Koodiyattam guru Ammannur Madhava Chakyar. She reacted to each and every un gendered, anti feminine characterisation from the traditional Koodiyattam scenario and brought out the forbidden female characters like Ahalya, Droupadi, Sita, Mandodari on the stage virtually creating a new and comprehensive acting manual.


V.K.K.Hariharan (Mizhavu), Kalamandalam Rajeev (Mizhavu), Kalanilayam Unnikrishnan (Edakka), Aathira (Thalam)

Co ordination: Chathakudam Krishnan Nambiar Mizhavu kalari

Keli Festival 2016-17

Phase 2:

Vaikhari - 2016

(A Music evening unvelling the music world of Vidyadharan Master)
at CIDCO Exhibition Center, Vashi, Navimubai on 17 November 2016

Phase 3:

Keli Rural Theatre Festival 2017

at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu, Mumbai on 5, 6, 7 Nov. 2017

Phase 4:

Keli Rhythm Festival 2017

at Y.B Chavan Centre and Horniman Circle Garden on 19, 20, 21, 22 Jan 2017

Our Sincere Thanks to:

Y.B. Chavan Centre, Prithvi Theatre, B. Venugopal, RajeshkumarDubey, Ajithkumar L, Mahesh, AjithMenon, Manojkumar, V. Sasikumar, InduSagar, Kunal Kapoor, Surendrababu,Kaippilly Vishnu Nambothirippad, Vijayakumar Nair, Junoon, Sanjna Kapoor, SameeraIyengar, SreekumarKaimal, Vijay Desai, Santhosh Nair, Vikram, Jayram Pala Ramachandran, DeepthiPanikkar

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