Classical Rhythm Festival 2007

(Celebrateing 15 years of Artistic Expression)

A Festival featuring the diverse styles of


on Jan 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2007

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Dear Art Lovers,

How time flies ! The New Year 2007 makes the successful completion of fifteen years of Keli's relentless pursuit of excellence in the traditional art forms of Kerala. It has been a joyous and exciting journey for Keli and its major milestones are known to you all, the lovers of art, our patrons and and audiences who have been witness to and participants in each one of our endeavours during the past years. lt needs to be emphasized that the Prithvi Theatre, through its collaboration and sustained support to Keli's journey of exploration and discovery right from the very beginning to this day has added a great deal of strength and vitality to it and is an important factor in the success it has achieved over the years.

In observance of its 15th anniversary, Keli has devised an appropriate, innovative programme featuring diverse art forms of Kerala, spread over the whole year. The celebrations begin in the fourth week of January 2007 with a three-day Rhythm Festival featuring Thayambaka led by the distinguished exponent Shri Mattannur Sankaran Kutty Marar.

While the art of music developed in other parts of India mainly based on the melodic line, in Kerala greater emphasis was given to aspects of rhythm in music. The tradition was preserved and developed by the communities of Marar and Poduval and through its integration with the rituals and festivals of temples. One of the most fascinating among the traditions of rhythm music is Thayambaka which is in the nature of a sol performance on the Chenda with a number of other artistes providing support to the main performer. The unending creativity and sustained dedication of the artiste make Thayambaka an unforgettable and wonderous aural experience.

’Culture is the highest product of history. It connotes more than responsiveness to beauty; for true culture means sensitivity and sympathy and the ability which enables the individual to live in harmony with society and nature. Culture is the collective possession of a people. It is this thought made Dr. Y. K. Hamied Foundation to support Keli in their attempt to promote Art and Culture.’
Amar Lulla
(Trustee, Dr YK. Hamied Foundation)

We cordially invite all art lovers of Mumbai to share the joy and excitement of this unique rhythm festival. With many thanks.

Thanking you,

K. Subhaschandran, Artistic Director & Project Co- ordinator
Ramachandran, Festival Director

Day 1

Tuesday, 23rd January, 2007
at Y B Chavan Centre, Nariman Point 6.45 pm sharp

Inagural Porgramme

Welcome Speech: Sanjana Kapoor

Dedicating the festival to the memory of the late Chithali Rama Marar and the late Thrithala Kesava Poduval.

Presenting the Promising Artiste of the Year Award to Shri Mattannur Srikanth and Shri Mattannur Sriraj
Presenting Keli's Silver Conch to Shri Panamanna Sasi
Presenting Keli's Keerthi Sankhu (Traditional Golden Conch of appreciation)to Shri Mattannur Sankaran Kutty Marar.

Guests of Honour:
Padma Bhushan Dr Y.K. Hamied, Amar Lulla, Brij Narayan, Bose Krishnamachari, Sanjna Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor


by Mattannur Sankaran Kutty Marar and group

Sankaran Kutty Marar is a distinguished exponent of Thayambaka. His style is known for its musicality, tonal purity and high degree of aesthetics. His presentation will feature the famous Adanthakooru of Thayambaka in its classical majesty. This style structured on the basic rhythm pattern of seven syllables is known as Palakkad tradition of Thayambaka and is unique for its musicality and rhythmic variety.

Day 2

Wednesday,24th January, 2007
at Horniman Circle Garden, 7.45 pm sharp


by Mattannur Srikanth, Sriraj and group

The two young exponents will present the tradition of Thayambaka known as the Malamakkavu Style. This style systematically built to architectural proportions through a dexterous stringing together of Champakooru and Pancharikooru of five and six syllables is symbolic of the strength and sturdiness of Kerala's rhythm music. Lts rising crescendo leads the listeners to a rare aesthetic experience.

Day 3

Thursday 25th January, 2007
at Horniman Circle Garden, 7.45 pm sharp


by Panamanna Sasi and group

Panamanna Sasi will present a Style of Thayambaka which is a harmonious blend of melodiously musical Adanthakooru and the Vigorously robust Panoharikooru. This style was innovated, codified and popularized by such stalwarts as Thrithala Kesava Poduval and Thrithala Kunji Krishna Poduval. It can be described as a bold and successful musical experimentation without in any way compromising thetraditional discipline of Thayambaka.

Supporting Artists:

Mattannur Sivaraman Marar, Kottaram Binu, Vellinezhi Ramkumar, Kottaram Biju, Mattannur Ajit, Unni, Harish, Jayan, Sriju, Sudhir, Vellinezhi Anand & Asiad Sasi

Our Sincere Thanks to:

Padma Bhushan Dr Y.K. Hamied, Amar Lulla, Mathrubhumi, Malayala Manorama, Kalakaumudi, Prithvi Theatre, Madanan, Brij Narayan, ShashiKapoor, Bose Krishnamachari, Sanjna Kapoor & All Artistes