Classical Women’s Theatre Festival 2003

on Nangiar Koothu

15th Oct - 16th Oct 2003

Festival Sponsors

Dear Art Lovers,

A Classical Women's Theatre Festival focusing on Nangiar Koothu (a 1200 years old Classical Women's Sanskrit Theatre tradition of Kerala) is being organised in Mumbai and Pune on 15th & 16th October, 2003 respectively.

The festival will be dedicated towards the memory of Late Kunnupillakutty Nangiar and Subhadra Nangiar.

A book on Kutiyattam written by Usha Nangiar will also be released during the inaugural function. The book contains an indepth analysis related to various female characters of Kutiyattam.

Keli is a Mumbai based organisation dedicated to bringing art lovers in contact with traditional and classical art forms. ln the past it has handled some very exclusive projects such as the Kathakali Festival of Kottayam Stories in 1997, the Classical Womens Theatre Festival in 1998, Swathi Thirunal Music Festival in 1999, Classical Rhythm Festival in 1999, Classical Dance Festival of Mohiniyattam in 2001 and Thayambaka Festival in 2001.

Keli's future mission will be an in-depth exploration of the essence of dying areas of classical art traditions. Keli's efforts will be to find out such vanishing areas, assign these traditions to the capable and talented artistes and help them to uplift these art forms. An awareness about the relevance of these traditions will be made among the art lovers through Seminars,discussions, workshops and demonstrations. Festivals incorporating these traditions as the main theme will also be staged before the art lovers. Research materials of scholars and senior artistes on these & traditions will be preserved in the form of books and CD recordings.

We cordially invite all art lovers of Mumbai to share the joy and excitement of this unique festival.

Thanking you,

K. Subhaschandran, Artistic Director & Project Co- ordinator
Ramachandran, Secretary, Keli

Day 1

Wednesday, 15thOctober, 2003
at Y B Chavan Centre, Nariman Point 6.45 pm

Inagural Porgramme

Welcome Speech: Sanjana Kapoor

Dedicating the festival towards the memory of Late Kunnupillakutty Nangiar and Subhadra Nangiar.

Presenting Promising Artiste ofthe year Award to Kapila
Release of the book on Koodiyattam - 'Abhinethri‘ written by Usha Nangiar
Felicitating Usha Nangiar with a Keerthi Sanghu (a traditional conch of appreciation)

Guests of Honour:
Padmashri Chitra Visweswaran, lndu Raman

Nangiar Koothu

by Kapila and Group

Nangiar Koothu is 1200 years old Women's Sanskrit Theatre tradition still surviving in Kerala. It was developed as an off-shoot of Koodiyattam. It is a tradition practiced only by Nangiars (women of the Nambiar community) previously. Painkulam Rama Chakyar's reforms brought in several non—Nangiars into this art form. Today Kapila will present "Govardhanodharanam" an episode from the Sanskrit play Subhadradhananjayam depicting stories of Lord Sree Krishna. Artistes supporting Kapila are Kalamandalam Rajeev, Kalamandalam Hariharan,Kalanilayam Unnikrishnan and Nirmala Panicker.

Day 2

Thursday,16th October, 2003
at Nehru Memorial Hall, Pune, 6.00 pm

Nangiar Koothu

by Kapila and Group
In Association with Kathakalivedi, Pune & Pravasi Shabdam

Kapila will enact the story 'Kamsavadham' – the killing of Kamsa by Sree Krishna. ln this episode the artiste enacts the infinite possibilities of Navarasas — the nine expressions. ln the fighting scene the artiste expresses high skill of acting and break all the conventional concepts of body language. Artistes supporting Kapila are Kalamandalam Rajeev, Kalamandalam Hariharan, Kalanilayam Unnikrishnan and Nirmala Panicker.

Our Sincere Thanks to:

Padmashree Chitra Visweswaran, Indu Raman, Prithvi Theatre, Kalakaumudi, Mathrubhumi, Malayalamanorama, Chandrika, Desabhimani, Kohinoor Printers, Y B Chavan Center, Kathakali Vedi Pune, Pravasi Shabdam and all artists