Classical Rhythm Festival


2nd Dec - 6th Dec 2001

Dear Art Lovers,

A three-day festival of rhythm focusing on Thayambaka (a traditional percussion ensemble) is being organised in Mumbai in the first week of December, 2001. The festival will be strengthened by a two-day seminar on rhythm in which many aspects of rhythm culture will be discussed in detail by scholars and leading exponents. The festival organised by Keli and Prithvi Festival in association with Orange will feature some of the most outstanding artistes of our time.

The intricate and ingenious use of rhythm is one of the most appealing features of lndian music. ln Kerala more than in any other part of the country, extensive research has been undertaken in the field of rhythm. Thayambaka is a rhythm oriented percussive art of Kerala. It is almost a solo performance even though a number of chenda artistes accompany the main artiste. It has three tempo phases, slow tempo, mid tempo and fast tempo.

In the mainstream of Thayambaka, chiefly there are two prominent styles - Malamakkavu and Palakkadu. Both styles have acquired their own individuality in craft and creativity.

This three day festival will feature Thayambaka of these two styles by distinguished artistes. During the inaugural function of the festival Shri Pallavoor Appu Marar the doyen among Thayambaka exponents will be felicitated with a Veerashrunghala (a traditional golden bracelet of appreciation) and another senior artiste Shri Pookkattiri Divakara Poduval with a Keerthishankhu (traditional silver decorated conch of appreciation). Keli's Promising Artiste of the Year Award will be presented to Porur Unnikrishnan - a young talented, Thayambaka artiste of this generation.The Festival will be dedicated to the memory of Late Gurus Kolanthaswamy and Malamakkavu Kesava Poduval.

Over the past couple of years Prithvi has felt an urgent need to spread its wings through collaborations and partnerships - thereby creating the space for the meeting of minds, a coming together to share skills and a platform to bring to the fore the very best of the multitudinous performing forms. Prithvi Theatre began such a partnership five years ago with its association with Keli Festivals. We are proud to be associated with Keli, an organisation that sustains its calibre of presenting the highest standard and purest forms of performing arts chiefly from Kerala. And today has ventured into the field of dissemination through seminars and lecture-demonstrations thereby adding to the performance a high level of academic and documentarial material.

Keli is a Mumbai based organisation dedicated to bringing art lovers in contact with traditional and classical art forms. ln the past it has handled some very exclusive projects such as the Kathakali Festival of Kottayam Stories in 1997, the Classical Womens Theatre Festival in 1998, Swathi Thirunal Music Festival in 1999,the Classical Rhythm Festival in 1999 and Classical Dance Festival in 2001. This festival is the beginning of a series of activities to explore the essence of ‘traditions’ - an aesthetic pilgrimage insearch of purity of classicism.

Orange believes in the appreciation of varied, cultures and respect for our heritage. It is with, this conviction to support the performing arts that Orange has been associated with Prithvi since 1997 and is delighted to be associated with this Thayambaka Festival.

We cordially invite all art lovers of Mumbai to share the joy and excitement of this unique Rhythm Festival.

Thanking you,

Sanjna Kapoor, Festival Director
K. Subhaschandran, Artistic Director & Project Co- ordinator
Ramachandran, Secretary, Keli


at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu.

Sunday, 2nd December 2001 at 9.30 am

Topics of Discussion:
Aesthetics of rhythm culture by Guru Pallavoor Appu Marar
Vanishing traditions : Sopana Music by Harigovindan
Kudukka Veena (an ancient string type instrument) by Thrikkampuram Krishnan Kutiy Marar
Pani (a percussive ritual) P. N. Namboodiri

Monday, 3rd December 2001 at 9.30 am

Traditions of Thayam baka-Lecture demonstration by Porur Unnikrishnan

Day 1

Tuesday, 4th December 2001
At Y B Chavan Centre, 6.45 pm

Inagural Programme

Welcome Speech: Sanjana Kapoor

Dedicating the festival towards the memory of Late Gurus Kolantha Swamy and Malamakkavu Kesava Poduval

Presenting Promising Artiste of the year Award to Porur Unnikrishnan
Felicitating Shri P N Namboodiri.
Presenting Keerthi Sankhu to Thrikkamburam Krishnankutty Marar and Pookkattiri Divakara Poduval
Presenting Veerashrunghala to Guru Pailavoor Appu Marar

Guests of Honour:
Pt. Ram Narayan, Ustad Zakir Husain, Fazal Quershi and Shashi Kapoor


by Pallavoor Appu Marar and Group

Appu Marar is la legend in Thayambaka. His style is unique for its musicality, tonal purity and high degree of aesthetics. His innovative experiments without disturbing the base of classicism is quite remarkable in the history of Thayambaka. He presents the Palakkad tradition of Thayambaka

Day 2

Wednesday, 5th December 2001
At Horniman Circle Garden, 7.30 pm


by Pookkattiri Divakara Poduval & Group

Pookkattiri Divakara Poduval is a doyen of Thayambaka. His clarity of beats, creative outlook and adherence to classicism together define the aesthetics of his presentation. He is a great genius and a true representative of the ancient heritage of Maiamakkavu. He will be presenting a Thayambaka exploring the traditional value and purity of this remarkable style.

Day 3

Thursday, 6th December 2001,
at At Horniman Circle Garden, 7.30 pm


by Porur Unnikrishnan & Group

Porur Unnikrishnan is a young and talented chenda player in the present day Thayambaka scene. He has a very positive control over the rhythm and his remarkable ability to develop the tempo from a very slow pattern to a vigourous and fast tempo in specific uniform gradation without fluctuation has won him much critical acclaim. He also represents the proud heritage of Malamakkavu tradition.

Our Sincere Thanks to:

Pt. Ram Narayanan, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Fazal Qureshi, Kala Kaumudi, Y.B.Chavan Center, Sree narayana Samiti, Kohinoor Printers, Sadanandan P.K, and all Artists.